Chocolate Hour!!!


These be lookin’ like a snack… literally! We are BIG snackers here at Fresh Coast and these little clusters haven’t just quieted our grumbling bellies and occasional sweet tooth, but increased our mind powers…

That’s right. These Good Source munchies have cracked the code to mindful snacking with the right ingredients for functioning at the right time of the day. Jumpstart your morning, reenergize the afternoon and/or unwind after a long day… all with chocolate (Darn is screaming).

With this color block concept from our friends over at boatBurner we were able strike the perfect balance of simple and fun while emphasizing the ~functionality~ of each snack.

Indulge more by checking out the Good Source website or instagram! You can also peruse boatBurner’s case study on how they went about launching this brand.

Fresh Coast Collective