Meet the Crew: Nick (Nickter) Richter


Nick aka Nickter, The Kid, Catdadda

studio manager | lover of vans (the vehicle and shoe), anything smothered in bbq sauce, and

Some suspect Nickter has a secret cot in the studio–he’s here when you roll up and when you roll out. Some claim they have even seen a single faint light glowing from the studio over weekends. Heck, maybe he posts up with his Scamp in the parking lot. We wouldn’t be surprised!

A busy fellow who was graced with the wonderful opportunity to not only keep the studio under control, but also all the people involved... He transitions from lawn weed wacker and aux chord master to cameraman and client communications with such a flawless elegance you can’t find anywhere else. Need to get on HR’s good side? Snag a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel, then laugh at all his roast jokes.

5 Q’s

what brought you to Fresh Coast?

I’m glad you asked! I saw one of the FCC videos on Instagram and was impressed by their work. And then I had the chance to meet the founders, and was even more impressed by how cool they were. So I spent the next 4 months emailing them every week until they finally were annoyed enough to give me a job.

You get called up for karaoke, what do you sing?

Ironic by Alanis Morissette, and followed by Wicked Game by Chris Isaak for the encore.

What’s your go to happy hour drink?

Tough one! I love a good old fashioned and/or Spotted Cow.

what’s your spirit animal?

I think it’s a mix between a grizzly bear and a jellyfish

In a few words, describe your nickname(S)?

I’ve been called Nickter by peers since I was little for obvious reasons (Nick + Richter = Nickter). Also, the Fresh team calls me The Kid which urban dictionary explains as, "The gangta version of the man. A hustler, a lover, a fighter, an artist (in a way), the best at everything he does.” Take it for what you will :)

Nick is the lighthouse for this ship. Guiding us with just the right balance of spunk and warmth. His amiable word smithing and knack for creativity keeps the crew and content fresh! Right on brand, sweet. Go give him a pat on the back for all the hats he wears (they’re quite stylish). Check out just how heritage this guy is on Insta.

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