Funky at FCC


Keepin’ things funky at FCC has always been pretty important to our work day. Some fresh tunes gets our work flowing, bodies moving, and creativity thriving! Nickter is the day-to-day spinner, but occasionally someone else may take reign and nervously await the judgment of their co-workers… 🎵😅

Now, we’re a pretty easy-going crew when it comes to music selection, but if you’re coming at Friday morning with some slow somber songs, you can expect to get kicked off the tunes. The job of the spin-master is to keep the troops awake and bobbing.

The vibe and pace of one’s music selection is crucial, but so is knowing your crowd. There are a couple of blacklisted artists and songs here at FCC. 🚫🤮

SEptember by Earth, Wind, and fire

Too much falsetto for this crew… no thanks.

Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

Self explanatory.

Spirit in the sky by Norman Greenbaum

Not sure about this one… The Fiddler has some personal issues on it.

Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat

Ironically, you are not lucky if this song hits your airwaves. Also, we have never seen Squid squirm as bad as when this tune is bumping.

Fireflies by Owl City

The crew is split on this one… But one who shall not be named (Miller), absolutely loathes this beep booping banger.

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

“Possibly the worst song ever created. Zero redeeming qualities,” - Nickter. However, we managed to sneak it on our Guilty Pleasure playlist!

Any Song by the Cure

Don’t ask… or do ask and risk immediate termination from Eric 😉

With so many different opinions and personalities, our studio playlists are, pretty all over the place… BUT always jamming due to the extensive and intense screening process. At this current moment you can find two playlists on our Spotify.

Fresh Coast Ballads of Love

Love is in the air! This list of tunes will be sure to spice up or wind down your special day. Treat yourself or “sig-o” to these timeless, elegant, heartfelt, and zesty melodies to celebrate the day of appreciation.

Listen to This & Wet Your Plants

Wetting your plants has never been this easy. Jam out with these blossoming, inspiring classics while you spring clean your way to happiness!

What should our next playlist theme be? Movie soundtracks, boy bands, songs for the cabin? Let us know! If you think you don’t have time to listen to our playlists (wow, you’re really missing out), follow us on Spotify so WHEN you do have time for a little boogie in your step, you’ve got the materials!

Your ears won’t regret it 😉

Fresh Coast Collective