The Humble Crave


Co-founders of Humble Nut Butter, Jessica and John, found themselves craving something creamy, yet savory, salty, smokey, and spicy. Looking through their pantry they found peanut butter, honey almond butter, and chocolate hazelnut butter… but they didn’t have a sweet tooth!

This craving lead them to their own kitchen to create batch after batch until they found the perfect balance of flavors to meet their snacking needs. BAM! Humble Nut Butter was formed.


Team Humble needed lots of great photo and video content to deploy on their new website and social media, as well as printed materials, and signage for retailers. We collaborated with Minneapolis-based James Beard Award winning chef Beth Dooley on the shoot to bring to life some recipes she had developed in partnership with Humble featuring their special and tasty products!

As the butters picked up speed, they got spread on more than just crackers and apples! They made wonderful additions to mouthwatering recipes by adding just the right amount of tang, kick, or saltiness.

Sorry, if the post got your stomach rumbling… You can check out where to snag a few jars for yourself on the Humble Nut Butter website or follow their journey on Instagram for pop-ups and yummy snapshots!