Freshies in Flight


We’ve had our heads in the clouds lately… quite literally. This past month Fresh Coast has touched ground on Portland, Las Vegas, and San Jose. We love that our cameras have seen places near and far from Minnesota. Plus, traveling with the trusty crew brings us oh so much closer. The shenanigans are in no way exclusive to the studio.


Did we keep Portland weird, or did the presence of Fresh Coast make it weirder?

We walked into the airport, “legit” media passes strapped around our neck, ready to rumble. Once hitting the quirky city, there was no time to waste! The rainy days (and nights) were spent filming interviews and capturing the charm of Portland. In our free time we managed to explore the intricacies of the city through a variety of food and drink!


Las Vegas

What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas…

We will say Nickter entered the casino to play Kitty Glitter and came out with stacks. Spending just a swift 24 hours in the city, we got down to business sipping a couple of cosmos while walking down the strip.


San Jose

just in time to avoid some minnesota blizzards

Now that the 5th snow emergency of winter has been declared, we decided it was time to return to the West Coast for work. You know vitamin D increases productivity, so it only made sense to escape cold cloudy MN for sun shining Cali.


We are truly grateful for the opportunity to bring our creative around the country, and can’t wait to take flight again!